18 โ€“ 19/05/19 is curated by Marco Land
What you like about the Kosmos site?
I like the simplicity of the design and the surprise of the hover effects.
Hallo Marco, why did you chose the Neuhaus site?
Great concept & excecution :)
13 โ€“14/04/19 is curated by Bรคnziger Hug
Why the Dinamo Darkroom?
Because of the innovative interpretation of font generation.
Gmbh is also one of my favorite sites currently, why did you chose it?
Because of the bureaucratic step by step navigation concept.
16 โ€“17/03/19 is curated by Yehwan Song
Why did you chose the portfolio page of Bรคnzinger Hug?
This site doesn't contain special functions, but still has a strong and outstanding typography based identity.
What do you like about the Pin โ€“ Up Magazine site?
I love when I scroll down and the huge magazine mockup pops-out. Its solid and strong concept which goes well with whole pinup magazine identity.
I found a Russian web-zine collection: http://crapisgood.com/dope-russian-web-zines-and-web-books/ ๐Ÿ’‰
18 โ€“ 19/08/18 is curated by Jana Reddemann ๐Ÿ”
Hallo Hubert Miฤ™tkiewicz, can you tell us more about your project "Unstable Equilibrium"? ๐Ÿฟ
Yes, it's a installation piece that consisted of website and a steering wheel that operated the infinite scroll.
What's the aim of the website?
The website explores how we passively consume digital information and get trapped in habitual, infinite scroll interaction within nearly all social media websites and apps.
And the steering wheel?
It aims to achieve that by exaggerating the intersection of digital and analogue interaction. By materialising digital interaction and digitising physical force it makes the interaction evident, visible and obvious to the artwork participators.
Maybe it's useful the see the artwork in use, here's the project documentation on Instagram ๐ŸŽฅ
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One aspect why i chose making websites is because they are always 'under construction'. A dynamic project that always has the potential to be more. Vice versa, this attitude represents the Internet itself and the community around it. If a project is a 100% finished, a 100% polished, it is not exciting or challenging anymore.
19โ€“200914 is curated by Eric Hu